Art is life and life is Art

Born in Cape Town, married and raising two spunky little girls….all whilst working a nine to five in the corporate retail world where I largely get to be very creative!


I studied art + art theory as a subject followed by jewellery design and manufacture. In 2015 I won the Jewelex award for best design for one of my pieces in London. I am now lucky enough to head up a buying division, focussing on all things baby and nursery.


I have always had a love for all art forms, from painting and drawing to music and dance. Call it my happy place, my sanctuary, my little refuge if you will.


I’ve been asked by many over the years to draw, design, sketch & paint pieces for homes, offices and nurseries.


I do not have a fine art degree, but I do have a degree in just having fun and learning as I go … a lot of my skill is self-taught by countless hours of trial and error and trying new methods & mediums. I draw inspiration from everything and anything.. although my true love lies in watercolour, pen sketching and all things botanical.


All pieces are hand created + limited edition prints are available in various sizes.